Ecology & Behavior of Storks

Storks are included in the Order Ciconiiformes together with birds like bitterns, hammerheads, herons, ibises, new world vultures, shoebills, and spoonbills. These birds are under the same order due to several factors like behavior, diet, habitat, and physical features. There are stork figures you can purchase online which you can give out as a souvenir or giveaway.You can check out the ล่าสุด ส่วนลด สำหรับ SE-ED online store for more discounts. You can also order books about storks at the Abubot online shop where you can avail an abubot coupon code.

Physical Features

Birds under the Order Ciconiiformes share basic physical features, such as a bulky body; broad wings; long bill, neck, legs, and toes; and a short tail. All of them have medium to very large sizes. Moreover, their plumage lacks bright color because they only have black, brown, gray, and/or white. The most notable in their physical features is the coloration of their bare parts during the mating season. The changes can be observed in the birds’ bill, legs, and lore – the small area between the eye and bill. However, it can also extend up to the breast, face, neck, and throat. The color will only disappear or change after the eggs are laid.


These birds are very sociable but the extent varies on the species and based on the function. Aside from searching a partner, birds roosts in order to follow the best on hunting. This is really helpful, especially for those birds that are inexperienced or less successful in finding a good source of food. Furthermore, roosting can be an anti predator measure. Based on data gathered by researchers, around 61% of Ciconiiformes nest colonially.

Feeding ecology

Most Ciconiiformes are carnivorous and eat small mammals, birds, reptiles. However, some of them also eat in aquatic habitats and take amphibians, crustaceans, fishes, insects, and mollusks. In special cases, very few Ciconiiformes also eat fruits and berries.

Most of the foods of Ciconiiformes are seasonal. Thus, it is not surprising that they migrate in order to search for a better source of food and more suitable habitat.

Importance of Ciconiiformes in Humans

Based on history, some tribes respect Ciconiiformes birds because they worship them as gods like vultures and condors. On the other hand, white storks are considered as a symbol of luck. If your house has a nest on the roof, it may increase fertility and wealth. Since we can’t verify if it’s true or not, it’s still important to save money and use discount codes like go buy direct coupon or abubot discount code for your daily expenses.

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