The White Stork

When you say the word ‘stork’, most people automatically think about the white stork. But did you know that there are two sub-species of it? There is the European White Stork that can be found in Europe and the African White Stork lives in the northwest and southern Africa.

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Moreover, there are 19 species of stork under the six genera. Its scientific name is Ciconia ciconia and it belongs to the order Ciconiidae together with birds like herons, hammerheads, and vultures.

Maybe they are famous because most of us were taught that storks deliver babies to families.

Physical Appearance

The white stork has a majestic appearance due to its size and color. It is a large bird that has a white plumage and black wings. It measures 39 to 45 inches from the tip of its beak up to the end of its tail. The wingspan ranges from 77 up to 85 inches and it weighs 2.5 to 4.4 kilograms.

It has long red beak and legs, slender neck, and partially webbed feet. For catching food, they use their blunt and nail-like claws. Around its eyes, you will find black skin. Determining the gender of a white stork can be difficult since the male and female are identical with each other. Males are only slightly larger and they have long feathers on their chest that form a ruff during courtship.


White storks are diurnal, which means that they are active during the day. You can mostly found them near farmlands, grassy meadows, and shallow wetlands because of their food source. They are known to be carnivores and some of the animals that they eat are amphibians, fishes, frogs, insects, lizards, small mammals, small birds, snakes, and other reptiles. Sometimes, it can be enviable that animals don’t need to worry about expenses and using lazada voucher code minimum purchase of 500 to save money. They don’t need money to buy food but instead hunt in the wild.

Myth of Delivering Babies

The most common answer of parents to their young children about where babies came from is the white storks. Thus, it is not surprising that they’re the most famous kind of stork.  Here are some of the beliefs why white storks are associated with delivering babies:

  • In Greek mythology, Hera turned one of her rivals into a stork. As part of this woman’s revenge, she planned to steal her son. Thus, storks are associated with stealing babies.
  • In Rome, having a nest on the roof of your home means that you received the blessing of never-ending love from the goddess Venus.
  • In Germany, it is believed that storks bring good luck.
  • In Norse mythology, the stork is a symbol of family values and commitment.The myth was an inspiration to be featured in some of the novels, movies and blogs. Aside from getting uploaded premium link generator, these blogs create a quality content for the readers so it won’t be surprising if the website will have millions of visitors and people who will subscribe to the blog.

10 Responses to “The White Stork”

  1. Luna says:

    I was thinking they only eat fish, I felt weird.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    All these animals are so lovable.

  3. Anton says:

    I love the last image. I think this was taken from an animated movie about storks.

  4. Sonya says:

    The whites are so popular because of their big part in some urban legend. I think storks are more important to the ecology than their part in delivering babies LOL

  5. Gillian says:

    White stork is the most popular of them all. I think it also kinda represent the goodness of these birds in relation to the urban legend that they are popularly known for.

  6. Jude says:

    I like all birds that have white color. I prefer them over those that possess very colorful and playful auras.

  7. Gabby says:

    Good information youb have provided here. I really am an avid fan of these friendly birds. Thanks for sharing !

  8. Lanie says:

    The fancy white stork in the movies are so graceful and popular among those who wanted babies!

  9. Agnes says:

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