Habitat of Storks

For humans, choosing the place where you will live is an important decision that we have to make. There are several factors that we need to consider like number of population, employment opportunity, expenses, transportation, crime rate, education system, and health care facilities. On the other hand, animals choose their habitat in order to survive and reproduce. They have to be near their food source and their habitat should be away from predators and other competitors.

Not just like humans, storks do not need to search for agoda booking discounts or look for special offers for hotel arrangements. They choose a place to stay where they could easily search for a food source. A place where they could have an easy access to the things they need.

Countries where they live

The 19 species of storks can be found in Americas, sub-Saharan area, Australia, and Asia. Since they have a wide range of diets and behavior, it is not surprising to see them living in different environments.

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Storks have important role in the food chain. Maintaining a huge land property can be very expensive. However, you can rely on several animals to help your land to grow naturally. Aside from using sale codes like the aliexpress anniversary coupon to lessen your expenses, storks can be very useful as pest control. They have a wide range of diet including amphibians, fish, insect, rodents, small mammals, and young crocodiles. Moreover, storks eat carcasses that they found.


Due to the changing seasons, birds like stork migrate to different places since their foods are also seasonal. In addition, migration also happens due to climate change, destruction of storks’ natural habitat, poaching and hunting of humans, and increasing levels of pollution.

Since storks migrate from one place to another, many of its kind, like the black-necked storks, scattered throughout some countries of Asia, India and Australia. Bird-enthusiasts use expedia discount code hotel and flight bookings to take a good glimpse of these birds.

In Netherlands, they say “wat te doen in amsterdam in de herfstvakantie” which means “what to do in amsterdam in the autumn holidays?” in English. You can say you love to watch storks fly around the riverpark but do you know storks stopped nesting in Netherlands long time ago? Good Thing, little by little, they’re starting to build their nests in some environmental parks of Netherlands.

The main challenge of migration is that it is hugely affected by human environmental changes. Storks and other birds migrate in order to find food with the changing seasons. However, the increasing garbage all over the world prevents the birds of migrating. They simply search food from these scraps. Thus, waste segregation is a worldwide issue.


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  1. Anton says:

    In Australia we have so many birds like these.

  2. Cassandra says:

    Little by little these birds are going to be extinct forever.

  3. Laura says:

    The cutest birds I have ever seen.

  4. Constance says:

    I’ve seen so many birds on migratory flight. They seem to know where they really need to go. I think they know the Earth as much as we humans do. They can navigate without any help at all!

  5. Drake says:

    The natyral habitat of storks are the areas that provide plenty of food for them. Swamps and rivers are usually their favorite. 🙂

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